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Advantage of being rich

What do you thing rich people are doing in real world? They are constantly flying to Bahamas, drinking champagne and party hopping . Well, let me share the life style of one real -seriously rich man I know. He is up at about 5 am and hits the home gym. His instructor comes in at 5.15 and leaves at about 6 am, then this man does his treadmill, and by the time it is 7 am he is ready for break fast. By 7.45 he is in office checking out his emails etc. – he has a rule that he does not do any business at home – not even checking his emails. Almost all his mails get marked to his secy and the secy checks them – and an occasional emergency call is attended to. He tells me he attends to one such call in a week – and he is trying to make it once a fortnight. He works pretty long hours but tries to be back home by 7 pm for his dinner. Not a party animal at all, he tries to get one/ two days holiday when he goes on his plant visits. Twoof his plants are near very beautiful spots, so he goe