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25 years of wealth creation through Mutual Funds

Two of India’s oldest equity schemes - Franklin India Bluechip Fund and Franklin India Prima Fund have completed 25 years of wealth creation. Both these schemes were launched in December 1993.Both the schemes were launched by India’s first private sector fund house Kothari Pioneer Mutual Fund, which was later acquired by Franklin Templeton India. If Rs 10000 invested in 1993 has growth as below. Franklin India Prima Fund - RS  907,208(Nine Lakhs seven thousand two hundred and eight rupees) at 19.75% annualized return Franklin India Bluechip Fund - RS  1,062,399 (Ten Lakhs sixty two thousand three hundred and ninety nine rupees) at 20.51% annualized return We can learn below three lessons that come out clearly through this wealth creation journey: Successful Investing is not a short-term process.  It involves years of following a proven philosophy, rigorous process and continuous refinement. Markets keep throwing opportunities; Catch the ones that you are most convinced

Mutual Fund Investment consolidated statement

A consolidated mutual fund (MF) account statement means that you can see all your MF holdings across fund houses in one statement. You may have an old MF investment through a distributor, whose details you may have forgotten. With a consolidated statement, you can get details or a summary of all your MF investments across fund houses in one place. This statement gets updated once a month for transactions in funds serviced by the four R&T agents in India—CAMS, Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd, FT Asset Management (I) Ltd, and Sundaram BNP Paribas Fund Services. To get a consolidated report, go to the website of either an R&T agent or fund house, enter your email address and Permanent Account Number (PAN) (this is optional) and select a password. An email will be sent to you and a statement can be retrieved from it. You can choose to get a summary statement with just your account balance, number of units and value, or a detailed statement, which will have individual transactions