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Benefits of regular financial plan review & rebalancing

Regular review and rebalancing allow investors to identify gaps, pin down the under performers and position portfolio in such a way that financial goals can be achieved in the desired time frame or earlier. Constructing a financial plan involves a process which considers various factors of an individual like income, expenses, savings, future goals and risk appetite of an investor. However, it must be noted that these factors are dynamic in nature and change over a period of time. When a significant change happens in one of the factors, it can impact the future course of your investments.  Regular reviewing and rebalancing of the portfolio would make sure that these changes are well adjusted in the portfolio and investments continue to give better returns throughout. Below are some benefits of reviewing and rebalancing the portfolio  1) Lifestyle Changes  Over a period of time an individual faces a lot of changes in his financial life. For instance, a salaried employee would exper