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Health Insurance in Layman's Term: Understanding what's not covered is vital

Do you read the fine print on health insurance policies before buying them? Or do you find the reams of terms and conditions so intimidating that you just don't buy them? If the latter, you are among many who steer clear of health insurance and prefer to pay for medical expenses from the pocket. Not because they are rich, but because the idea of being snubbed by the insurance company while settling the claim hurts. Fine prints though trivial but form an important part of your claim approval or rejection process. Keep a couple of the following aspect of fine print in mind to make a wise decision regarding health insurance.  What’s covered and what’s not covered: No health insurance company covers all diseases. So read the list of covered diseases very carefully. Your decision should be based on the kind of lifestyle you lead—sedentary or active, and you should also consider health complications that run in the family. Diabetes, kidney stones, heart diseases are known to be passe