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Why equity MFs are the best means to build retirement fund

Equity mutual funds let accumulate retirement funds at a double digit rate of returns through systematic investment plan. Debt funds can be used to protect the kitty once investor reaches age of retirement Retirement is that stage of life where everyone wants everything to be perfect. Be it regards to life or finance. To have a perfect life one needs to have perfect control over finances. A person opts for retirement to get free from work life but not from financial responsibilities. One still needs to take care of family expenditure and that’s why every single person should plan for the retirement to lead a peaceful retired life.  Planning for retirement is considered difficult these days due to fast changing economic conditions, life styles, and medical advancement. However, fact is that, if not planned then living post retirement could be even tougher.There are many financial products flooding in the market which an investor can choose to invest for retirement, however, investors

How to create your Portfolio

There's more to successful portfolio building than picking good investments.Putting together a portfolio of investments is like building a home. Even if a house is filled with beautiful rooms that may not be enough: All those rooms need to work together to form a pleasing and useful whole. Investment portfolios work the same way. 1)   Have a blueprint. Just as building a home begins with a blueprint, you need a pattern for your portfolio. The blueprint tells the builder to build a structure of a particular size and shape, with specific features, to suit the needs of its future owners. Similarly, your portfolio should suit your needs and specifications. The best starting point is to think about why you're investing in the first place. Maybe you're investing for retirement, for your child's education or marriage, or for the down payment of a home. Get specific. How much money will you need for each goal? How much time do you have? Whatever your goal, it gives y