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Are you investing enough to sustaining your life style in future?

AM I investing enough to sustaining my family's life style in future? . This is the question will most of the person's mind considering the cost of living we are going through now. For this I have prepared the below sheet considering various age and monthly expenses . This will help you to understand what is the monthly income required in future considering inflation. Also what is corpus amount required after my active employment/business income ends(may be at age 55/60) and till my last day(80 years). How to read this sheet? For example if my age is 35 years and monthly expense is Rs 30,000 ,considering 6% inflation I need Rs 96,214 monthly after 20 years(2039) , Rs 172,305 monthly after 30 years(2049) to manage monthly expenses. What if after my retirement? Say if you retiring after 20 years (2039) at age of 55 years , you need to create a retirement corpus of Rs 23,274,641(2.32 Crores) .This is to withdraw monthly Rs 96,214 (equal to Rs 30,000 monthly expenses t