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What do you do to ensure peaceful retirement?

Retirement  is the time for enjoyment claimed one of the ads for Pension products. Yes it should be. But,  whether  it is actually that or it’s time to cut corners and count the coins, depends squarely on the actions prior toretirement of the individual concerned. Most people are not that concerned about retirement… but they should be. Retirement period these days are two to three decades. The corpus accumulated needs to be able to sustain for such a long period.  There are a whole lot of goals which take precedence as a rule – like a home, children’s education, vacation etc. These goals are important – but not nearly as important as planning for one’s retirement. General perceptions about retirement  : •    It’s so long into the future that we will look at it when the time comes. I want to enjoy life now. •    Retirement planning is taken care of by buying a few pension policies. •    I have pension and retirement benefits and that should take care of myretirement. •    I’m